We make claims more than a process: we create an experience

Engage and build trusted relationships with your customers.

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Core Features

Our platform provides you with an easy to use interface

Tracking System

An easy way to monitor the status of the claim.

Automated Notifications

Automatically notify your customers of important actions.


Create customised workflows.

Better Communication

Instant communication channel between your company and customers.

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Benefits for your business

Increase productivity

Save time and cost associated with the claim process while improving staff productivity.

Better engagement

Create a better relationship with your customers by providing them with a direct communication channel.

Increase customer satisfaction

Personalise customer experience and meet service expectations.

Data Analytics

Gather information on usability, satisfaction and user behavior.


Track the Status

Know the status of the claim at all times.


Understand the process, requirements and timeframes.

Cloud base

No need to install software, it is all in the cloud.


Your information is kept secure and travels encrypted.

Automated Notifications

Receive and send notifications when important actions are triggered.

Create your own workflows

Create templates for different types of process as you need them.


Upload and download all claim related information.

Customer Experience

A better way to communicate and engage.

How it Works

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Set up your claim workflow

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Share it with your customer

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Update and communciate

Write Us

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